What’s New & Improved with QuickBooks 2017

What is QuickBooks?

QuickBooks is arguably the most popular small-to-medium business accounting software ever developed. Over 4.8 million businesses use QuickBooks.

Its variety of modules help small businesses track all income and expenditures, including payroll and invoicing. The reporting features are comprehensive, allowing a business to quickly generate dozens of different reports that help them analyze their position. Quarterly and yearly reports allow businesses to comply with governmental requirements far more easily and accurately than they could in the past.

QuickBooks is a product of Intuit, Inc. There are several versions of the QuickBooks software to fit any size business. Its customizable features make it extremely useful for a wide variety of applications, including inventory, purchasing, contact information, tracking sales, paying bills and more.

Business owners appreciate that QuickBooks can be operated on the company’s premises. This just means that it can be installed on your office computers or server. As a result, there’s no need to make appointments with a bookkeeper or CPA, travel with paperwork, pick up paychecks and the like. All necessary accounting and printing can be done by one or more people within the company’s building.

The QuickBooks software builds one data file from which all accounting steps and reports are generated. There is no longer a need for separate spreadsheets. Your company’s data can be combined or sorted in multiple ways. QuickBooks is widely appreciated for its reporting features at tax time.

Since QuickBooks is so popular and widely used, there are dozens of training videos to help users learn and understand each accounting capability. There are books written on the subject as well as phone customer service. This product is one of the most supported software package in the world.

What Are the Benefits and Features of QB Desktop Pro 2017?

The Positives:

  • The Desktop Pro 2017 is a small business accounting software that allows you to do your accounting from a Windows PC.
  • This versions is available in a 628 MB downloadable version for Windows 7, 8 and 10. Download is fast because this program is so compact.
  • It claims to be easy to set up, learn and use. No accounting knowledge is required. However, a bit of accounting experience of QuickBooks classes are always helpful.
  • Current data can be imported into QuickBooks from spreadsheets.
  • You can print over 100 different financial reports. This is extremely convenient, especially at tax time.
  • Send and receive invoices seamlessly. All that a new business would need to keep track of all financial matters.
  • Works for non-profit organizations, giving them the types of reporting they need.
  • You can purchase a technical support package that helps you with this version of the software.
  • You can get an version of Desktop Pro 2017 with an enhanced payroll module or a different version capable of being accessed by 3 users.

The Negatives:

  • No refunds if you find that this program is not for you
  • Only available in the United States
  • Requires an annual renewal of $299.95 per year

What Desktop Version is Right for Your Situation?

There are three versions of the DeskTop product:

There are cloud programs with monthly fees or one-time purchases of software that you install on your computer.

Cloud applications are very convenient if you want to access your account from remote locations, such as from home. Security is not an issue because Intuit has done an excellent job in this area.

QuickBooks 2017 is very affordable. The most popular version, QuickBooks Online Essentials, is only $29.95 per month. Version prices go up to $300 for Premier.

There are over 130,000 certified QuickBooks accounting experts. You can find one near you by using the Intuit “Find a QuickBooks ProAdvisor” search page.

What is New in QuickBooks 2017?

There are many new features in QB Desktop 2017. Here are some of the best upgrades:

  • One of the most welcome new features is the ability to schedule in advance reports to be emailed automatically. You can set up the frequency of the reports to go out – every day, week or month. You can also set the time. These reports must first be set up as “memorized” reports. They are sent as PDF attachments to emails so your recipients do not need QuickBooks software in order to read the report. The sender will receive an email notice four hours in advance in case he or she wants to work on the report or cancel the mail out.
  • There is now a flag on the report deposits module, indicating if there are undeposited funds. This flag reminds you that there is a payment that needs to be recorded.
  • There is a convenient change to the weekly time sheets feature. You can now copy and paste data into the sheet without needing to type it in.
  • The search feature has been improved. Start typing in a name and QuickBooks will fill in the rest.
  • Working in multi-user mode is now easier. This allows more than one user to be working on the same data file from different locations and with separate login credentials.
  • Find information quicker by sorting by vendor type and customer type.
  • A flag indicates if a credit card charge has been reconciled.
  • And more.

If you are outsourcing your businesses’ accounting work or if you are setting up a new business, consider using QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2017.

Find QB 2017 Discounts

You can also search online for QuickBooks coupons, discounts and free trial offers.

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