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With each new version of QuickBooks Pro, small business owners around the world are left to wonder if it is really worth it to upgrade to the latest version of QuickBooks.

Often times these business owners analyze the new features in the latest version of QuickBooks before they make the final decision to upgrade. This is due to the fact that the costs of upgrading can be rather expensive depending on the version of QuickBooks Pro that you are currently using for your company.

 New Features in QuickBooks Pro 2013

  • Updated User Interface – Typically the GUI (short for Graphical User Interface) has remained unchanged with the last few versions of QuickBooks Pro.  With QuickBooks Pro 2013 the GUI has changed significantly.  Intuit has finally decided to enhance the GUI to a more modern interface which allows business owners to quickly navigate to the parts of the application that they use the most.
  • Improved Customer Center – QuickBooks has also finally updated many of the Centers in the application.  One of the most notable upgrades affected the Customer Center portion of the application, which is one of the more popular Centers.  A new navigation system has been introduced in the Customer Center which includes tabs for information such as Transaction, Contacts, To do’s and Notes.  This is a welcome addition as it allows you to access more of your customer’s information from one place.
  • Small Changes To Billing – With QuickBooks Pro 2013, small changes were made in giving customers the ability to finally print a vendor bill as well as allow bill credits to print on check and bill payment stubs.   You are also now able to set a default class for transactions which has been a needed upgrade for quite some time.
  • Small Changes to Report Generation – This is barely worth mentioning but there were a few changes to the layout and title information of items to be printed on various reports.

Should I Upgrade to QuickBooks Pro 2013?

QuickBooks Pro 2013 at WhatisQuickBooks.comThe decision to upgrade to QuickBooks Pro 2013 is not an easy one.  The majority of the upgrades to this version of QuickBooks Pro revolve around changes to the user interface.

While these changes will be welcomed by some, they will also create extreme frustration for others.  Most users have become accustomed to the standard user interface of QuickBooks.

By changing the interface, it forces those who choose to upgrade to have to completely relearn where all of their favorite features reside in QuickBooks.  While this will be fine for some, many business owners tend to resist change and may not appreciate the changes in this version of QuickBooks Pro.


Whichever choice you make in terms of upgrading to the latest version of QuickBooks Pro 2013, you will not be sorry.  If you are a fan of always having the latest and greatest of everything, then you should likely purchase the upgrade.  If you are not thrilled with having to learn about a new user interface, then this version of QuickBooks is probably not for you.

Are You New to QuickBooks?

If you are new to QuickBooks or have been using it for an extended period of time, but are having trouble grasping the accounting concepts in this powerful package, you should look into joining The Quickbooks Training University.

This online training course allows you to get up to speed on all of the incredible features of QuickBooks in a very short time.  With Intuit’s lack of user based customer support these tutorials can be life savers when you are stuck dealing with a problem with QuickBooks.

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