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QuickBooks offers many benefits. It is very powerful small business software that offers many advantages. However, there are certain basics that you will need to know in order to use QuickBooks to its maximum advantage.

These basics are easy to learn and can greatly enhance your capabilities and improve the service that QuickBooks renders to your business.

Here are three of the most important functions of QuickBooks that when used properly, can convey considerable advantage.

1. Reconciling credit cards is an important thing to know. Credit transactions happen quickly and are for the most part paperless. This makes it easy to miss expenses when that little receipt fails to get turned in or ends up in an employee wallet for a week. Reconciling credit cards is no more difficult and very similar to reconciling any other bank account. So, the process isn’t difficult or hard to learn.

2. Bill paying is also easy. QuickBooks makes bill paying and tracking very smooth and efficient. It’s quite a tool and far more than just a glorified check register. So, it’s important to learn all the many bill paying features that QuickBooks offers.

3. Perhaps the most important thing to learn is Bank Reconciliation. This is vitally important because if reconciliation is not done on a regular basis, it’s possible for accounts to be thousands of dollars out of balance in a short time. Suddenly there isn’t enough money to pay the electric bill and checks are bouncing all over the place. Bounced checks and unpaid bills can destroy a business reputation in short order. Not to mention all the headaches, long hours and wasted time it will take to straighten everything out. So, bank reconciliation tops the list of most important things to learn. Fortunately, QuickBooks makes it easy.

While QuickBooks offers many other helpful tools, learning and using these three important elements will give you a solid foundation on which to build. And QuickBooks makes it easy.

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