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If Intuit thought it had a captive audience with the small and midsize business market, they should think again. Sure, QuickBooks Online has set the standard for years in on-site accounting but there’s a new force to be reckoned with—the cloud. The cloud has made an appearance in the accounting arena and it looks like it is here to stay. That puts many of QuickBooks Online competitors, like Xero, Sage One and FreshBooks, in a sweet spot.

In a recent poll of 600 companies, 90 percent of them currently use on-premise accounting, only 10 percent have moved to cloud-supported systems. That’s going to change. Why? Faster performance, ease of use, capability with multiple products—that’s all available with cloud technology. No more lost invoices or failed software—the cloud keeps it all safe and secure.

The Best Cloud-Based Accounting Options

Are You Wondering where to begin looking?

There are several different possibilities. Check out Xero, a company that is cloud-hosted, is accessible anywhere and users never have to endure updates or upgrades. You never have to download software, which is great when accessing files from different locations. All the user has to do is sign up, log in and work within the program. Xero has a free 30 day trial and online support 24/7. Xero received funding to the tune of $150 million back in October, making them a company with smarts and capital!

Another solution to consider is FreshBooks. With this online option, you can create customized invoices, import company databases and create estimate forms in just minutes. FreshBooks allows users to send forms via email or snail mail and customers can receive an accurate overview of company finances with just a click of the mouse. This cloud-based program also allows multiple users to collaborate in real time.

Depending on a company’s size, Sage One is another formidable option. Specifically designed with the micro and small business models in mind, Sage One offers cloud-based invoicing, project monitoring, expense management and so much more. Customization is limited with this solution but it is ideal for smaller companies. Pay a flat-rate monthly fee and gain access to the services you need. Also, security with this option is notable. Sage One has created strict protocols for accessing accounts, that’s perfect for when security is an issue.

What It All Means

So what does this mean? QuickBooks customers who are unhappy with their current software version but don’t feel compelled to make a change or dread doing so will find that change is upon them. Everything is moving to cloud-based storage and applications. It is the perfect time to reassess satisfaction levels and be honest about a company’s satisfaction with QuickBooks.

Check out the alternatives.

It could be that much less is required to undergo a complete system overhaul than you may think. Many of the hottest cloud based accounting software providers offer complete integration with your QuickBooks data, so you will not experience any downtime during your migration to a new cloud based accounting program. Even if a mass exodus of companies doesn’t make the move this year, expect that it will happen in the near future. Get ahead of the crowd and step into the cloud.

Quick Note: Also Worth Mentioning

Another cloud accounting software package worth mentioning is Kashoo.  There are two product levels that you can choose from: Solo and Business. To learn more about there 30-Day free trial, click here ==>

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