Hot New QuickBooks 2014 Features

What’s New in QuickBooks 2014

QuickBooks 2014 has finally been released, and with it brings a whole host of new features which can help to make you more efficient in running your business. With so many business owners on the go these days, it is important for your accounting software to be able to support your business while you are on the go. Thankfully, the developers at QuickBooks understand this need and have delivered with the latest version of their wildly popular accounting software.

Redesigned Home Page

Image of QuickBooks 2014 Home Page

QuickBooks 2014 also boasts a redesigned home page with a better overview of your finances. You can see how your company is performing at any time without running any sorts of reports.

Improvement to Email

Intuit’s email functionality has not exactly wowed customers in previous versions of QuickBooks. Thankfully this has changed with QuickBooks 2014. A few specific email features that have been added include:

  • The send email feature has been revamped to allow you to have much more control over messages that are sent from QuickBooks.
  • You can now send customer receipts via email as opposed to a printed copy.
  • There is now a portion of the Customer Center that allows you to see a log of all of the emails that were sent from QuickBooks.

Integration with Banking Accounts

Image of Bank Feeds

Many cloud based accounting software programs have very tight integration with the large banks which allows business owners to easily monitor their spending. QuickBooks has offered this to a point in the past, but QuickBooks 2014 adds to these features. Intuit seems to be putting a lot of focus in this area, and this is a good thing as it is one of the areas where QuickBooks has suffered in the past.

Income Tracker

Image of QuickBooks 2014 Income Tracker

This portion of QuickBooks 2014 is a great way for business owners to see at a glance how they are doing in terms of profit and expenses. You can easily see unpaid invoices as well as estimates that have not been billed. This allows you to monitor your cash flow at a glance without having to run reports for certain time periods.

Lead Center

With the lead center, you can add a certain prospect and set reminders as to when to follow up with them. This is more of a CRM function, but QuickBooks 2014 has integrated it into their powerful accounting system. This allows you to handle some of your CRM functions from within QuickBooks as opposed to having to use an external CRM.

App Center

Image of QuickBooks 2014 App Center

The app center has also seen its share of improvements. You can find third party solutions to a variety of industry specific problems in this area. These apps allow you to integrate QuickBooks with a host of other third party providers.

Attach Files to Actual Transactions

Image of QuickBooks 2014 Document Center

With QuickBooks 2014, you can also attach actual files to transactions within the application. This allows you to better organize your important documents. This is a welcome integration for business owners that have trouble keeping up with these types of documents. With QuickBooks you can simply scan these documents and discard them, knowing that they are stored within QuickBooks.

Searching within Reports

You can now actually search within reports. This allows you to find a certain client or transaction from within a report. This functionality allows companies who handle a large number of transactions a great way to drill down within individual reports.

As you can see, there are a large number of new features to be found in QuickBooks 2014. With the competition in the cloud based accounting industry heating up, you can see that Intuit is still trying to maintain its throne as the market leader in accounting software.

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